Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Weekly writing challenge week 2 - A vignette.

  Don't go.

I open my eyes, willing you to open yours, but you are gone. You have abandoned me. I close them again, shaking my head in disbelief, you cannot be gone, you cannot be gone, you cannot be gone. This is all a bad dream, a nightmare of the most momentous proportions. I will open my eyes again; I will prove that I am wrong. But I am not. In the cold reality of this incongrously sunny morning I see your body, but you are gone. Where just a moment before there was the faintest rise and fall of your chest denoting your, oh so shallow breathing. Now there is nothing.

  I held your hand like i have so many times before. I told you i loved you-did i tell you enough? Did you hear me? Did you believe me? I watched and I listened as you struggled to take each painful breath. I begged you not to leave.
  "You cannot be gone'" my breaking heart cries. "How can I survive without you? Come back. Please oh please come back. My son. My child. My life."


  1. It has achieved in it's purpose and beckoned a tear to my eye.

  2. I can relate.. it definitely touched me. Great job, Anita. x

  3. Gorgeous writing and I loved reading it. Very well done. :)

  4. loved this. Your repetition of "you cannot be gone" becomes a haunting mantra. well done.